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Tai Chi

During the time of the dynasties in China, Tai Chi was a fighting art.  Through time it has evolved into a soft, slow, and gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by people of all ages.  In Europe, it has gained popularity as a way to relax, build strength and inner calm. Simply put, Tai Chi teaches the perception and application of the body’s own mechanical principles, thus there is a natural flow in the movement.

Weekly classes are 75 minutes long. They begin with a series of warm-ups known as the “long-life exercises”.  Next, a longer sequence of movement is learned — this is the form known as “Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi”.  It is based on resilience, evasive maneuvers and readiness to confront inner and outher agressors.  In partner exercises, the so-called Push Hands are practiced and applied in a slow-motion duel.

Target group: All levels

Teachers’s tip: Three-monts of weekly training to gain knowledge of the tai chi principles